How can I remove the social media icons from the posts? I see they are not on the pages. I have placed them elsewhere. I checked in appearance but it only gives the option to add them.

Thank You!

Actually, I will leave them on the posts BUT how do I remove 2 of them?


We have list the option to hide this element in the next update.

for now, you can use css to hide the element.

Thank you, is there going to be an option to be able to remove a couple of them?
I just want G+ and Facebook.

Also, the buttons are NOT on the pages in the menu bar, just the posts.

Could they be added to the pages?

Thank you!

Hi I sent a reply for an update and when I went to check it, it’s not added to this thread.
Not sure if there is a glitch but I’ll check back to see if it got added??

I went to the main area where the threads are, I see I was on the list as just posting but my reply is NOT there….


Ok, so this one was added but not the prevous one.

I’m going to paste the message I wrote with the issue that I don’t see.

I had added 2 screenshots but maybe there was a problem with them. I think it may be fine to not add them, I explained in detail what is going on. I’ll add just one in case.


Hi Joe,

It’s been a couple of months and I wanted to point out that…

With the code you gave me to hide the social share buttons, since I have mine above the logo banner:

.social-share.share-buttons {
visibility: hidden !important;

It worked for AFTER you open the post in the Blog Roll page. The social share buttons are gone from where they were, just above the comments.
They are STILL on the post BEFORE you click on ‘read more’ to open the post on the blog roll page.

I took 2 screenshots:

The first one is while in WordPress edit once the code was added to CSS and after I hit ‘save and publish’ and the social share buttons remain on the post before you click on ‘read more’.

The second screenshot is my website Blog Roll showing 2 posts and the social media buttons that are accessible, when clicked on they work. I am not using all of those social media places, just 2 of them.

My site is more established and I’ll be getting traffic and need to fix this.

Is there any way you can add to the code to include the social media buttons that are on the post ‘before’ you click on read more?

Thank you!


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  • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by  Patsy.
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