I just noticed that on the live demo of the Marlin purchased theme that it has the layout that I want, but I am unable to obtain that layout.

I would like for my site to have the “about me”, “travel”, and “story” links with pictures as displayed in the demo. How do I obtain that?


Hi @1singlemomsaver@gmail.com,

we apologize this is not explain on the documentation.

to add the ‘Promo Box’ as on demo site, please navigate to: Appearance >> Customize >> Promo Box.
Checklist ‘Show Promobox’, insert the title, url and attach images for each box.



Can these promo boxes be included on other pages other than the front page?

Hi @1singlemomsaver@gmail.com,

Currently this option not available to display it on other pages.

We will add this on the next update.



Am I able to change the transparent background of the words?

nevermind, I figured it out

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