After we bought the Kerli Design and followed the introduction steps for the mobile version (set menu,…) it still doesn’t work. Page
Is there anything else we could do?

Hi @toasted1155,

Thanks for getting in touch with VolThemes Support.

i check the site, and i see the script js ‘global.js’ and scripts.js is not found.

It’s not recommended to modify parent theme files – as changes will be overwritten when the
theme is updated.

you can simply overwrite the original file “functions.php” to the theme directory on the live site.
additionally, It would be great if you could provide wp admin detail and we will fix it soon.

*you can create a new user with new name temporarily and send me wp-admin details.
*your post will set to private


Hi @toasted1155,

It seems the password you provided is incorrect.
please check again


The password (message) wasn’t set on private, could read it without login.. So i decided to change it… Can I write a mail with the pw?

Hi @toasted1155,

Yes, please provide wp-admin detail to


Hi @toasted1155,

While checking into your site, i found the file footer.php is empty code.
this file footer.php is the template for displaying the footer and functions are known as “action hooks”.

I restore the original code ‘footer.php’ and now the script are load correctly.

also on the Font Settings, make sure you insert the google font name and link correctly – for example:

If you have any other questions, or if there’s anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Thank you for choosing our theme.


Hi VT,

Thank you very much for your great support! Finally it works!
Will recommend your theme 😉


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