Hello everyone

Im workin on a Site for a customer atm and i have no idea how to solve that.
The problem is that i cant open the menubutton on the mobile version.

I already looked to the previous post from this problem, made it the way its written there, but with no positive outcome.

does somebody know how to solve that?


Hello @shiryk,

Thanks for getting in touch with VolThemes Support.

If you already set the ‘Primary Menu’ on Menu Settings and the menu button on mobile still not open, you may also check your browser to enable javascript.

you can also provide with a site URL so that i can look further into this issue


Tanks for the reply, sorry wasnt at home.

Alright, yes the menu still doesnt work. I made sure that all the devices i tried to open the website on does have javascript enabled. Still doesnt work.

The URL is


I also just tried to have the browser as a window and not fullscreen and then the same thing happenes that i cant open the menue.

Hi @shiryk,

I would like to apologize in the time delay in response. but i have not receive notification in your reply.

i have check the site, and i found that script js ‘global.js’ is not load on your site.

It’s not recommended to modify parent theme files – as changes will be overwritten when the
theme is updated.

additionally, It would be great if you could provide wp admin info to: support@volthemes.com, and we will fix it soon.

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