Hi there, I am still getting used to the full version of Marlin.

I have an issue with the main menu. When I go to personalize the link color of the main menu it´s white. Perfect. That´s what i want.

But when i open my blog live (http://likewanderlust.com) the color for the link in the main menu is black. I don´t know what to do. I just want to be like the demo.

Also when you see the title of the post in the personalize page looks good, perfect font and like I want. Once you go live and click in any post the font changes and doesn´t look nice.

I look forward for your answer.

Thank you!

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Hi @giuliasampogna@gmail.com,

Hope you’re well today and sorry about the delay here.

This support will require additional information from you, please provide credentials via private reply (URL, admin username and password) so i can analyze it.

btw, the theme was just update today. it may delayed notifications to your email due to emails per hour per on our servers.
to download the file, Please login to your member area to download the package.



Hi Joe,

Thank you for your reply. How can I update the theme so I can see if will fix my issue?

I never done before. Thanks

Hi @giuliasampogna@gmail.com,

Just checked this topic and saw your comment. Sorry I was not subscribe to this topic. so no notify of follow-up replies via email.

If you want to apply it on your existing installation then please visit this knowledge base article to learn about a better way to update your theme.



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