I have done everything for installed The marlin updrade thème . But nothing work. I CAN ´t installed it.
Please send me The good zip because the zip is not good .
I don’t need to loosed all my day for installed The thème.
If it’s not possible please i need to cancel my subscription.
Thank you

Hi @carolle06,

I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

We already answered on the support forum.
please refer to: http://support.volthemes.com/forums/topic/popular-questions-for-this-item/

Let us know if you have further questions



Thank you for your answer but i have done all The 2 step this morning and nothing. I don’t Know How to do now .
Please send me a valid zip

Hi @carolle06,

can you confirm, that you’ve extract the theme package and install the marlin.zip file, and activate the theme?

if nothing works, you can send me your admin access and I will have a look.
*you can create a new user with new name temporarily and send me wp-admin details. (as a private reply)


I am having the same issue- unable to installed a required plugin.

– Installing Plugin: Vafpress Post Formats UI
Downloading install package from /home/kalianna/public_html/lapropertydiva.com/wp-content/themes/marlin-child/libs/plugins/vafpress-post-formats-ui-develop.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

Plugin not activated. A higher version of Vafpress Post Formats UI is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

TGMPA v2.6.1
Return to Required Plugins Installer

I am having the same problem as above and I have already wasted two hours trying to download the file.

Hi @purelysupermom,

I’m sorry that you are having issues.

There may be a slight delay in the order processing or in the email delivery to you.

For the plugin (Vafpress Post Formats UI) issue, please switch the theme to parent theme (marlin) first and you would be able to install the plugin.
once the plugin active, you can switch the theme again to child theme (marlin child).


VT Support

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