I recently upgraded to Marlin from Marlin-Lite. I liked that my previous set-up had my posts set as “read more”. Now I have my readers asking where my other posts went because they can’t see them at first glance (due to the first post coming up as a full post). How can I change this setting back?


Hi @abowlfullofcherries,

Hope you’re well today and sorry about the delay here.

Since marlin v1.0.2 as many user request, the availability of this theme can create full article without ‘read more’ button/excerpt post.

If you would like to make excerpt post show as on demo:

Edit the post coming up as a full post, place your cursor at the spot in the post where you want the More Tag to appear. In your Visual Editor’s toolbar, click on the the “Insert Read More tag” button. You can find the More Tag button in the first row:

let me know if you have further questions.


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