Why is my page font different from my blog post fonts?
The site title font is not changing when I am using google font links added to the customized page.

I do not like how my welcome page body text and headings are different from my post page.


Sorry for the delayed in response.

There are separate font option for ‘site title, body font, headings,etc’
for better result, please provide your site url so i can analyze it




Hi @1singlemomsaver@gmail.com,

I check your site using font ‘Oregano’ for site title and font ‘sura’ use for body text.
please let me know what font you would like to use or issue with the fonts


The page titled “start here” has a different font than the rest of the site. I am not sure why. I have tried everything and it will not change to match the rest of the site.

I noticed the page titled “start here” using ‘font: Georgia, Palatino’.
please check the page or edit the page as html mode and remove the font format.

Thank you!

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