Hi, I found another problem.

I looked into it and it’s my theme. Some themes have Huge images for the Featured Image.

I needed to add an image to each blog on my blog roll page it looks plain and boring. I went to add the first one, it was so HUGE and removed it right away. I tried resizing, no change. Then was told it’s my theme.

Can you adjust it on your end please, so I can add images, I would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you

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For Marlin lite theme, please refer to http://volthemes.com/kb/marlin-lite-documentation/
Ideal Image size: 800x533px (width:800px – height:533px)


Doesn’t help!

I even added a smaller size 460×568 and it was the SAME problem.
HUGE IMAGES and they are still there once you the 0PEN post, that Huge image is there showing 2 of the same images and it looks like Hell.

Time to change my theme…too many problems

Is there any way you can allow the image to be the size of the one you want to post, for when we add it as the Featured Image? This goes on the post so at least there is an image there and not just a couple of sentences followed by ‘read more’.
I copied to show you what it looks like here within the lines:


June 17, 2017 (Social Media Icons go here)

Faux fur purses and handbags may never go out of style, but if they do, it won’t be for long. This fabric is known as faux, fake, or fun fur and is an imitation of real fur. Faux fur fabric is made from acrylic and […]

That’s it. It looks boring who wants to open that to read more.

The size you stated as ideal 800W x 533H is a banner, way too wide and long. It doesn’t make sense.
I don’t want to change my theme just because the images are way too big. My site is still new and would like to solve this before I get traffic.

Please help, this is a simple resolve on your end that would make a huge difference for me.


I decided today, July 5th to try one more time. I’m tired of seeing my boring blog roll without images.

I finally figured it out! and will write out the steps in case someone sees this and can use it.

While in posts, edit mode.
Click on ‘Set Featured Image’
Choose the image and click on it.
Where the image is, click on ‘edit image’
Change the size in the first box to 120 x this adjusts itself!
Right beside the size box, click on ‘scale’.
To the left you will see the newly sized image, click on ‘save’, then click on ‘back’
You are in the media library, click on the image again
Click on ‘Set Featured Image’
Click on ‘update’ to update the post.

It didn’t work for me before because I didn’t click on ‘scale’ which changes the size.

Now..my blog roll looks awesome with the image showing before you click on ‘read more’ to open up the whole blog.

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Hi @carolle06,

Sorry for the wait.

I already check your site and theme was installed correctly.
Let me know if you have further questions.



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