Good morning

all my opt-in forms are disconnected and also nobody cannot send me a message via contact page since one week . Please it’s urgent i need help ?

Hi @carolle06,

I’m sorry that you are having issues.
however this issue related with the plugins settings (additional plugin) or with the server.

you can send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a closer look.

simply reply with checklist this Subscription to ‘Set as private reply’ and send site url and wp-admin detail.


VT Support

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Hi @carolle06,

Sorry for the wait.

I start with the test as ‘Send an email test’, it works, and i cannot find issue with the php mail() functions.

Since there’s a lot of active plugin on your site, sorry but I cannot test it one by one. usually it’s a plugin that causes these issues.
Please try to deactivate all plugins one by one and reactivate your plugins one by one.

Each time you activate a plugin, check your live website to see if the error message is being displayed or test with the contact form and opt-in forms. This process may take a few minutes, however it is a full proof way of finding what plugin is causing the problem.

Let me know what happens after doing the steps above. so i can provide any further assistance.



good morning

i thing that the plugin is thrive lead , because i was making some modifications when everything disconnected.

could you verified that plugin please and let me know what to do please

thank you

Hi @carolle06,

What modifications have you done with it?

Please try to enable debugging mode in WordPress, follow these steps:

– Log in to cPanel, or access your account using SSH.
– Access the cPanel File Manager, or the SSH command prompt. open the wp-config.php file in your preferred text editor.
– To enable debugging mode, find the following line on the wp-config.php file:

change the text ‘false’ to ‘true’. so it will be:

When this setting is enabled, WordPress displays all PHP errors, notices, and warnings.
Navigate to the homepage/ visit your site to see errors, and then you can paste the results here.


I was just changing the picture and the text of my pop up and when I finished I went back to the site and there nothing.

I tried what you asked me I do not know how to do, I’m clueless, I have to launch my product in a few days and there and have to push back.

I’m not an expert on internal and everything you ask me to do seems to me so difficult because I do not understand anything.

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