How do I make thumbnails of my posts display on the “Latest Post” widget?
How do I display “You might also like” posts?

I want it to look exactly as the demo.


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I also want the tagline of my blog to be displayed porfavor.

UPDATE: I figured out my first two questions!
Now I just want to know how to display the tagline.

Thank you!

Hi @mchl,

Hope you’re well today and thanks for your question.

On the current version v1.0, from Customizer, if you upload your custom logo, the ‘Site Title/Tagline’ will not show. the theme doesn’t not support to display the ‘Site Title/Tagline’ along with the custom logo.
so, on this version, if you just need to display ‘Site Title/Tagline’, you should remove custom logo first.

we will enable this on the next version, so you can display custom logo with ‘Site Title/Tagline’ (if this display setting enabled).

Thank’s again

VT Support

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