No one can comment on any posts I make as the site blocks them due to detecting the user as a bot. I have tried and am 100% sure I am not a bot. How do I fix this? It is a serious issue that has to b resolved asap. My site is . If you go to a post and try to comment you will see what I mean.
Thank You,
Aleena Malik

Hi Aleena,

We’re happy to look into this further for you.

We need admin access so that we can look further into this issue.
please provide wp-admin access and send wp-admin details to email: support [at] volthemes [dot] com
you can create a new user with new name temporarily


Hi @aleenamalik,

Thanks for provide admin access to our email.

The message and issue is coming from the MOJO Marketplace plugin and it is falsely identifying those comments as spam.

So, you need to deactivate the plugin and contact the plugin author and they will provide you support and updates.


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