Hi! How do I add an image to the About widget. It asks for an image URL. Is there a way for it to pull from the Media library? When I put in the URL of the image I have in the Media Library, nothing happened. Am I missing something? Not sure why I would be using a URL for an image. Can you help?


Hi @makinglifericher,

This already provide on theme documentation.

Add The About Widget

1. Go to Media > Add New
2. Click on “Select Files”
3. Upload a square or circle image of you. (Ideal size 250x250px)
4. Click on “edit”
5. Copy the link from “File URL”
6. Go to “Appearance > Widgets”
7. Move/ drag the “[Marlin] About Widget” to the Sidebar
8. Paste the url in the “Image URL”
9. Write a text in “About Description”
10. Add the url to ‘Image URL’ input box
11. Click on “Save”



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