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Announcement Popular Questions For This Item

started by admin in Marlin

1 admin
Resolved Menu of mobile mode doesn't open

started by edgarmoreirawps

7 edgarmoreirawps
Resolved Installing Theme on WordPress Failed

started by JENRPH16

Resolved romove hash symbol from category,plz help

started by want100

2 joe
Not Resolved Menu only showing 7 items

started by sfroese

2 admin
Not Resolved Main Menu Font color not working

started by cpmx9c

2 admin
Not Support Menu not opening in mobile

started by drruby

2 admin
Resolved customize karli theme

started by want100

2 admin
Resolved Mobile Version Kerli Design [Premium|

started by toasted1155

7 toasted1155
Resolved kerli Theme, using Woo Commerce Plug in

started by cjashley

2 admin
Resolved No featured images

started by wemoonnet

7 wemoonnet
Not Resolved Menu of mobile doesnt work

started by Shiryk

5 admin
Not Support Button On top of image

started by burginkn

3 burginkn
Not Resolved Adding Logo to "top bar"

started by fbe_berlin

2 admin
Not Support How to make Kerli a full page theme

started by chellzanotti

4 admin
Not Support Help File

started by rafgael

2 admin
Resolved Author box on single post

started by sshrey

4 joe
Resolved How to Remove Title from Pages

started by davidng

4 joe

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